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ACTS 8:2-8

2. Some devout men buried Stephen, and made loud lamentation over him. 3. But Saul began ravaging the church, entering house after house, and dragging off men and women, he would put them in prison. 4. Therefore, those who had been scattered went about preaching the word. 5. Philip went down to the city of Samaria and began proclaiming Christ to them. 6. The crowds with one accord were giving attention to what was said by Philip, as they heard and saw the signs which he was performing. 7. For in the case of many who had unclean spirits, they were coming out of them shouting with a loud voice; and many who had been paralyzed and lame were healed. 8. So there was much rejoicing in that city.

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Welcome... We're so glad you dropped in!

St Matthias is a friendly and informal church in the heart of Sydney’s east. We welcome people of all ages, all church backgrounds or none, and especially those thinking about the Christian faith for the first time.

Our Sunday services include special groups for children and young people. There are also small groups and programmes for all different ages and stages that meet during the week including ones for mothers and toddlers, children, youth, women, men and those learning English for the first time.

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471 Oxford St, Paddington NSW 2021, Australia