A Hell of A Difference: Christians & the Afterlife

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7:30 PM @ Moore Theological College

Of all the everyday issues that Christians struggle with or are anxious about, “hell” is not high on the list. We don’t think or talk about it much. It’s not the subject of many articles, sermons or tweets—at least until some Christian leader comes along and says he doesn’t believe in hell anymore, after which there’s a brief flare-up of heated debate, and then the subject dies down again.

But whether or not we are very concerned about hell, Jesus certainly was. He talked about hell more than anyone else in the Bible; perhaps if he thought it was an important subject, so should we.

So, what is hell? Who is going there? And what difference does this knowledge make to our Christian lives? These are the questions Paul Williamson will address at our October event.


Paul Williamson teaches Old Testament, Hebrew and Aramaic at Moore College. His book Death and the Afterlife was recently published by IVP in their New Studies in Biblical Theology series.

For more information and tickets: https://ccl.moore.edu.au/ccl-events/

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Centre for Christian Living Talk

Wednesday, 24 October, 2018

7:30 PM / 9:30 PM