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2 June, 2016

Welcome... We're so glad you dropped in!

St Matthias is a friendly and informal church in the heart of Sydney’s east. We welcome people of all ages, all church backgrounds or none, and especially those thinking about the Christian faith for the first time.

Our Sunday services include special groups for children and young people. There are also small groups and programmes for all different ages and stages that meet during the week including ones for mothers and toddlers, children, youth, women, men and those learning English for the first time.

We believe that it is through the word of God that our faith in Jesus is established, and we rely on God's word for guidance. Our main aim for meeting together is to hear God speak as we study the bible together in a relaxed and friendly way and to personally encourage one another to live out all we learn in our lives.

We have a heartfelt desire to reach out to every man, woman and child in Sydney’s East with the good news of Jesus’ death and resurrection.

More From 'About Us'

St Matthias Vision 2022

There is something remarkable about God’s people. We have been

gathered by the God of the universe to live for his glory and delight.

More than that, we are at the centre of God’s purposes to make him

known throughout the universe (Ephesians 3:10).

Vision 2022 expresses our hopes and dreams as to how we at Matthias

will take our part in God’s vision for the world. It aims to give us clarity

and confidence as we make decisions and pray for God to be at work in

our community.

If you are a newcomer this booklet will give you a sense of who we are

and what we are committed to. It will give you clarity around what really

matters to us.

If you are a committed member here at Matthias, this will be a great

help to you as well. It will unify us and give us confidence to know what

the next steps will be for us as a church family. You will be able to see

what the growth opportunities are for us and think and pray about how

you can get involved.

If you are a leader at Matthias you will greatly benefit from this booklet.

It will help you to see how your ministry fits into the bigger picture and

how it helps to achieve our shared mission.

In the end, Vision 2022 is only a booklet. While many new initiatives

are included here, these are utterly dependent upon God’s grace and

mercy as we seek to work together for his glory. Indeed, our every

endeavour will be undergirded by prayer and a trust in the sovereign

mercy of God. As you read this, I trust that it will be a great resource to

help you to understand who we are as the Matthias family, and what we

are committed to achieving together.

Follow the link below to view the Vision 2022 document

James Harricks

Senior Pastor